Focus on Sri Lanka - Canadian Parliamentary Hearings on Human Rights.

A commentary written in the hope of reducing the tone of hostility that has developed in these testimonies and hearings.

Alphebatical Index
Abductions in White vans in Sri Lanka
Aboriginal people in Canada
Adel Balasingham and the LTTE.
Amnesty International and its links to US state department.
Amnesty International and Tamil-separatist funding: John Argue and Alex Neve of AI at a fund raiser.
Assasination of Tamil United Liberation Front leader Amirthalingam by Prabhakaran et al

Bandaranaike - Chelvanayagam Pact, an early attempt at power devolution killed by Sinhala and Tamil Nationalists

Caste discrimination in Tamil society in the North of Sri Lanka, and its milder forms in the South.
Center for Policy Alternatives, a Colombo based NGO with a political agenda in Sri Lanka
Channel-4 movie claims refuted under Oath in a UK court by Medical Doctor who was in the Eelam war.
Channel-4 movie and its use as justification of the Human-Rights cry against Sri Lanka
Chief-Justice eviction in Sri Lanka

Death toll in the Eelam war ending in May 2009



Food distribution by the ICRC (International committee of the Red Cross) in the war zone during the Eelam war-IV
Funding sources for NGOs in Sri Lanka
Funding of the LTTE from Canadian Sources

Gays and Lesbians in Sri Lanka


ICRC (International committee of the Red Cross) food distribution in the war zone during the Eelam war-IV
Discussion of IDP-camps and unfounded criticism by NGOs and political-advocacy groups.
IDP camps unjustifiably called "concentration caps by NGOs - John Thompson of the MacKenzie Inst.
Impeachment of a Chief Justice in Sri Lanka.
IGEP -Investigation by the International Group of Eminent Persons (IGEP) - A Fiasco
Investigating war crimes, non-cooperation by the West, and retaliation by Sri Lanka.
Islamophobia in Sri Lanka and elsewhere
Issipriya's case in the HRW testimony

Journalists and rights in Sri lanka


Land reform and land rights in the North of Sri lanka
the LLRC (Lessons-learnt and reconciliation commission
LGBT, Lesbian and Gay Rights in Sri Lanka

Medical Doctor takes Oath in UK court and refutes Channel-4 claims
Missing-Women inquiry after the Eelam war
Missing-women inquiry in Canada
Members of the Canadian Parliament, and posing with alleged LTTE members
Militarization of civil society in Sri Lanka - I
Militarization of civil society in Sri Lanka-II
Militarization of civil society in Sri Lanka -III

NGO funding sources in Sri lanka
Should the National Anthem be sung in Tamil as well?


Politics of Indian "estate" Tamils versus Eelam Tamils
Politcal Perspective on Sri Lanka


reconciliation in Sri Lanka
Religious Freedom in Sri lanka
Royal Commission on Aboriginal people in Canada, and neglect of its recommendations
Royal Commission on Aboriginal People, Australia, aftermath evaluated in film: Utopia, by John Pilger.

Separatist Eelam Postage stamp, designed by V. Navaratnam in 1956, issued in 1961.
Submission to the Office of the High Com. for Human Rights, UN, Reg. the Investigation of Sri Lanka, 30-10-2014


Tamil nationalism that morphed into the LTTE
Tamils of Sri Lanka as being four types, according to the Bishop of Kurunegala
Tissanayagam, journalist taken into custody in Sri Lanka

UN secretary general's "understanding" with the Lankan President

Victim testimony as used by Human-Rights watch and other NGOs is unreliable
Vaddukkoddai (ironically, old Sinhala village Batakotte) becomes the center for Tamil-Eelamist (separatist) demands in 1976.

War-crimes allegations against the Lankan Ministry of defense officials
"White vans and abductions in Sri lanka
War Widows in Sri Lanka
Missing-women inquiry in Canada
Women still missing after the Eelam war




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