Sri Lanka satellite photo

The material on this site has now been completely re-edited to remove some unauthorized material that seem to have been planted by outsiders. The "judgmental" material has been replacced by statement-material. The site is now available only to authroized users, and not available in the public domaine

The objective of this website was to evolve a fair sample of a "whose-who" of political activists who expressed ideas or played a role on the cataclysmic events of Sri Lanka's recent past. The idea was to evolve the profiles by using Internet-sampling of data and allowing the Wiki-principle of self-corrective editing of the entries. This of course required that the document could be accessed by a fair number of editors, so that a cyber-object becomes a complex adaptive system. This also required that the editors exercise local-control rather than central control. This honours system unfortunately left it open to hackers as well as attacks from individuals whose objectives were very different to ours.

We thank those who worked within the Wiki-principle showing that it did work in a tentative way; the input of improper material (possibly also in entries other than those noticed by us), and strongly judgmental or even prejudicial inputs should have got corrected if enough time was given to correct themselves via the Wiki principle. However, we had no defence against mischief makers, and it shows the weakness of the method. See also: methodology