A sample of Tamil Tiger (LTTE) atrocities against civilians shown on the U-Tube.

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The Tamil Tigers were the first terrorist group to perfect the body-detonator that they supplied to the various middle-eastern terror groups and Jihadists as well. Many of the suicide blasts carried out in Sri Lanka have been captured in video and are available as U-tube videos. Another genre of killing took place in the absence of photo evidence except for photos taken by the propaganda wing of the Tigers. Prabhakaran wanted to see the action at the war front, as well as visual evidence that prisoners were eliminated. But these are not easily available.

The Tigers killed many of the civilians that they trapped as human shields, as they wanted to eliminated the dead and wounded. They also wanted to put the blame on the government and evoke international sympathy. Some authenticated examples of where they did that are: In some instances, the wounded were loaded in an old bus and set fire. They would move sick people to the firing zone at war front, allow the sick (Tamil) civilians to get shelled, and announce to the red cross that the area had a hospital! Later they would claim that a hospital was shell after they declared the area to be a hospital!

Such Atrocities and misrepresentations cannot be tolerated under any circumstance.

Warning - some of the links are graphic.

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Sri Lankan (Sinhalese and Tamil) victims murdered by the Terrorist LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) seem to be forgotten by the UN and the `Human Rights' NGOs. In fact, the blame for ALL THE LTTE killings has been transferred to the army, using propaganda films like those of channel-4 British-LTTE co-production. The UN has been hoodwinked into releasing reports claiming `credible sources' with no sources revealed! Hack writers have claimed 40,000 missing persons, without counting those in Indian camps, `refugees' in the West, Australia etc.

However, Sri Lankans be they Tamils, Muslims or Sinhalese, they are forever indebted to the soldiers. Now people can venture out without the fear of being blasted.

Here is a small sample of the Bomb Blasts- suicide attacks.

Adapted with thanks from a compilation by James Corea.

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