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Wheel-chairs for Sri Lanka
ලංකාවට - රෝද පුටු

Na Mala

රෝද පුටුව wheel chair.

Current assets

updates: 28-Oct-09,
8-Aug-2009 ,25 May-2008, 28-april-2009,21-March-2009, 9-March-2009, 7-Jan-2009, First write up: 5-Jan-2009 (e-mail addresses of project) (alternative e-mail)

Items SentDescription Notes
Posthetic leg One leg 9-03-09
21-3-09 1 Rolater walkers
18-4-09 4 more walkers
Simplest type - no seat
current total 5
Four walking sticks wooden,One with Metal spike-
7 pairs of crutches 5 are rubber padded -
box of medical items Glucometer, steril irrigation trays, Foley catheters -
21-3-09  : 3 manual wheel chairs
18-4-09   6 manual chairs
23-5-09   11 manual chairs
(if there is a discrepency, see more detailed lists →
replacement wheels for one of them included

current total is ~20 wheel chairs
March21-09 equipment details
Apr18-09 equipment details
May23-09 equipment details
21-March to 23-May-09

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