Medical Equipment sent to Kandy from Ottawa May 18th 2012

16 Irrigation trays for urological catherization
1 plastic tray for use with catherization kt
1 Box of compact enteral delivering systems
1 Box of Kangaroo enteral feeding pumps
15 Y-site extension sets
1 OASIS humidifier for CPAP machine used for sleep Apnea or respirators
1 control valve suction catheter
1 HealthDyne CPAP machine
1 Compact Enteral tube feeding system, in a box containing
2 Shirley tracheotomy tubes
12 extension tubes
1 box of alcohol pads
? many syringes - 12 ml

Wheel chairs - photos would be uploaded separately. These are being shipped this time grâce à Anzul Jahn.
Left overs are being stored thanks to Nandana.
Crutches 12? Walking sticks

We thank Suji Lena for going through the items and lisitng them.