The Background to Ontario Provincial Bill 104 proposing an Education week about an alleged Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

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Move to legitimize Tamil Genocide allegations via the Provincial bill 104 Mr. Sumanthiran & UN High Commissioner for HR Al Hussein reject Tamil Genocide cliam, 19-Sept. 2015 US Amb. Robert Blake in 2009 -Wikileaks-"The LTTE fiction that civilians (they hold) do not want to leave. Canadian Parliamentary committe on Human Rights Hearings under the Steven Harper Government.

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Political activity in Canada that is detrimental to Sri Lanka's short-term and long-term Interests are discussed here..


This document gives the background to the attempt to legitimize the claim that  a Tamil Genocide Happened in Sri Lanka, and the attempt to create a Tamil Genocide Education week, implicitly claiming  a Tamil Homeland in Sri Lanka, and also making  other serious allegations against Sri Lanka via  municipal and provincial legislatures.


The pre-oration to the Bill 104 by MPP Vijay Thanigasalam can be found in the link:

However, no proof of these claims is adduced, and the fact that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Al Hussein had in 2015 already ruled that the actions of the Sri Lankan Government during the last Eelam war, though highly regrettable, did NOT AMOUNT TO GENOCIDE is ignored.

UN Human Rights High Commissioner Zeid responding to question on genocide (Abridged Report)

Al Zeid Hussein


1. Three Ontario municipalities have passed resolutions affirming “Tamil Genocide week” to use the week of May 19 th  every year to commemorate alleged genocidal actions said to have been committed by Sri Lanka against Tamils.
One of them, Pickering has realized its error and modified its stance.


2. A bill (named Bill 104)  has gone through its second reading at the Ontario Provincial legislature  to resolve a “Tamil Genocide Education Week”. This bill, tabled  by (an Ethnic Tamil) Member of the Provincial Parliament, Mr. Vijay Thanigasalam proposes to enshrine the claim of a  genocide of Tamils committed by Sri Lanka, as a resolution. There are other accusations against Sri Lanka in the bill.


3. Even though local governments and provincial governments do not have the power to deal with matters concerning a foreign government, they seem to take the point of view that they are looking after their Diaspora citizens and trying to pass these resolutions to legitimize their claims by the back door.


4. They have also taken the first steps to introduce similar resolutions in the Federal Parliament, with MP Hon. Garry Ananadasangaree organizing a Tamil Genocide week in May 2019 in the Federal parliament. There are moves to initiate similar bills in the UK, at various levels of government.


A submission to the standing committee can be found in the link:

Submission to Ontario Legislature on Bill 104 regarding an alleged genocide of Tamils