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  • Sri Lankan Rice Mixed Meals: Effect on Glycaemic Index and Contribution to Daily Dietary Fibre Requirement, SJP-biochemistry.
  • Experts question logic of importing costly foreign cows-Aug-2013
  • Negombo’s lagoon lifestyle faces threat , Crystal Koelmayer
  • Whither the Department of Agriculture? by Dr. U. P. de S. Waidyanatha
  • thousands of years-old Nilgala medicinal forest being destroyed by weedicides, Jan,2014 The drought and depleted tanks in Nuwarakalaviya by Dr Garvin Karunaratne
  • Giving up Gourmet rice for a disfucntional airport in Kundasale
  • Muthurajawela Marshland threatened
  • Venivaelgaeta-Weniwelgeta,Prof. Nimal Gunatilleke, University of Peradeniya
  • POSTS -

    We have attempted to keep a tally of various articles of interest, as well as Sebastian Rasalingam's impassioned articles expressing a virtual lone-voice mainly about the hierarchic caste discrimination within Tamil society itself, and articles by a number of other writers like Thomas Johnpulle. However, as these writers publish in a variety of electronic and printed newspapers, the following list may not be complete, or may not indicate the original source. We also find that Sri Lankan electronic journals "borrow" from each other without indicating the original source!. The articles are merely listed here for ease of access. They indicate an emerging pattern in the expression of dissenting Tamil opinion, perhaps associated with decreasing fear of the LTTE since 2006:

    Articles about place.names Selected articles by various writers on Lankan issues
    Island Aricle on Beruwala, June 2011-
    Revising the place names of Sri Lanka by kamalika Peiris Prof. Laksiri Fernando on Fonseka's presidential bid
    Ancient Mahathalithagama is today's Manik Farm IDPs in SL - report by Perera, Cheliah, Chandran July 09
    Sathara Varam Deiyyo-Guardian deities Inter-group bridge building and not pie-cutting devolution, by Rasalingam
    Upulvan in the safe zone Hostages escaping Tigers - what do the numbers say?
    The footprints of warriors and saints in Alimankada, Kili and Mullaitivu. Lamp-post murders of Tamils by the LTTE
    "Hela Urumaya, Ila-t-Urimai", is this Sinhala or Tamil? Growing menace on India's South front, by R. Vignesvaran
    Road to Moolaitivu by D.G.A.Perera Review of Tsunami Reconstuction by 2006
    Kilinochchi recaptured in 13th Century too by D.G.A.Perera The Other side of R2P, and other articles by Gerald Peiris
    Articles by Gomin Dayasiri, H. L. de Silva and others
    Sapumal Kumaraya and Puran Appu Prabakaran Has Done To Tamils What No Dutugemunu Could Do, by Rasalingam
    Mahatheetha-Punranna and Jackson's movie "ABA" Catching a Cobra by the Tail, by Rasalingam
    From Kalpitiya to Kihirikanda; an embattled region.
    History making, by Michael Roberts
    Silumina article, by CDW, Tigers are the traitors to the Tamil cause, by Satchi Sithanandan
    Silumina article, by Ananada Wijesinghe Tamil Nationalism, by Michael Roberts, Journal of South Asian Studies, n.s., Vol.XXVII, no.1, April 2004
    Sri Lanka -Is it reasonable to divide this small house? by S. Samarajiwa Susantha Goonatilleke, Jehan Perera; peace debate 2001; NGOs peace-makers or money-makers?
    International Alert, Norway and the LTTE, June 1998 Sunday Times Gamini Iriyagolle's Discussion of "Tamil-Homeland" claims
    Prabhakaran's interview with Time Magazine, 1990 -

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